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"Not only can I meticulously log all the details of my catches, but sharing with the community and getting feedback has taken my fishing game to the next level!"

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Accessible to Every Angler

Our app offers complete, free access to essential features for every angler. Log your catches, discover and mark your favorite fishing spots, and engage with a vibrant community of fellow fishing enthusiasts—all at no charge.

Your Catch

Capture Every Detail

Record every triumph and learning experience with our easy-to-use catch logging feature. Document the size, species, location, and even weather conditions of each catch. This valuable tool not only helps in tracking your progress but also aids in understanding patterns and improving your techniques over time.

With Friends

Connect and Inspire

Turn your fishing experiences into shared adventures. Our app allows you to effortlessly share your catch details, stories, and tips with friends and the broader angling community. Get feedback, celebrate your successes, and inspire others, all while building connections with anglers around the world.

Innovative Strategies For Anglers

Our free fishing app empowers fishermen with innovative tools to log and share their catches with ease. With features like GPS mapping of fishing spots and detailed catch recording, anglers gain a digital advantage, enabling them to revisit successful spots and analyze patterns in their catches.

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Strategic Community Engagement

We provide a platform for anglers to engage with a community that shares their passion. Users can exchange tips, sell or buy tackle, and connect with fellow fishing enthusiasts. This results-oriented approach helps our users learn, grow, and succeed in their fishing endeavors.

Personalized Fishing Experiences

Our free fishing app blends the art of fishing with the science of data. Each user gets personalized recommendations based on their catches, preferred spots, and tackle used. This bespoke experience enhances every fishing trip, making it more productive and enjoyable.

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Who we are

We are avid anglers and technology enthusiasts dedicated to enriching the fishing experience for everyone

Crafting Your Angling Success Story

In the world of fishing, success is measured by the quality of the catch and the richness of the experience. We at Fishlogbook understand this deeply. That’s why we’ve developed an app that doesn’t just record your catches but also provides strategic insights into fishing spots, weather patterns, and community knowledge. Our technology is designed to be your trusted companion on every fishing adventure, ensuring that you have the right tools, information, and community support to succeed in your angling pursuits.

Our commitment goes beyond providing a digital platform. We aim to foster a global community where every member can thrive, learn, and share their passion for fishing. Whether you’re a beginner seeking guidance or an experienced angler looking to share your expertise, Fishlogbook is your go-to destination.

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