What is Fishlogbook?

Fishlogbook is a comprehensive free fishing app / social media platform designed specifically for anglers. It allows users to log and share their catches, discover and mark fishing spots, buy and sell fishing tackle, and connect with a global community of fishing enthusiasts.

How much does it cost to use the app?

Our app is completely free to use. All features, including catch logging, community interaction, and tackle trading, are available to all users without any charges

Can I use the app to improve my fishing skills?

Absolutely! Our app offers personalized recommendations and insights based on your fishing activities. By logging your catches and interacting with the community, you can gain valuable tips and tricks to improve your fishing skills.

Is there a feature to buy or sell fishing gear?

Yes, our platform includes a marketplace feature where users can buy and sell fishing tackle. This allows anglers to find the gear they need and sell items they no longer use.

How does the app help in finding good fishing spots?

The app includes GPS mapping features that allow users to discover new fishing spots and mark their favorite ones. This helps in keeping track of successful locations and sharing them with the community.

Can I connect with other anglers on the app?

Yes, our app is a community-driven platform where you can connect with fellow fishing enthusiasts. Share your experiences, ask for advice, and engage with a network of anglers from around the world.

How does the app ensure the quality of information shared?

We have a robust community moderation system in place to ensure the information shared is credible and valuable. Experienced anglers and moderators oversee the content to maintain high-quality standards.

How does the app personalize my experience?

The app uses data from your logged catches, preferred spots, and gear to personalize recommendations and content. This ensures that the information you receive is relevant and tailored to your interests.

How can I provide feedback or get support?

We value user feedback and offer dedicated support. You can provide feedback or get assistance through the app’s help section or by contacting our support team via email.

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